The Comedian

Cash. We didn’t really pick his name based on meaning. It just sounded right. Most of the time he goes by, Cashy Bear, and I loath the day this name will be too embarrassing. At the moment he is nearing the end of his third year. A recent quote, which explains his whole heart, is, “Jesus, please help me. I love you so much and I’m going to punch you in the face.” That is a fierce love, people.

He makes me laugh most of the day, in between consequences. He loves hard, plays hard and wrestles hard. The life in him is immense. When that life succumbs to Jesus, there is no telling what he can do. I cannot wait to see it overflow. When I look into his eyes and get that smile and mischievous laugh, I melt.

He walks down the stairs in the morning and asks for either pancakes or cereal. When his request is denied, so the day begins… “I never get any (insert pancakes or cereal) ever.” Right Cash, only every other day (and sometimes dinner when daddy is working.) He starts his day after complaining about breakfast with, “Mommy, can I build a fire station hide out?” This involves going upstairs and finding every pillow, blanket and stuffed animal and throwing it over the staircase, transporting it to the living room, then removing all the cushions from the couch and making a small mountain in my living room. He then burrows under it all and calls it a fire station hide out. I almost always say, “Yes,” when this question comes. Mostly because it takes him about 45 minutes to complete the task.

When the end of the day comes and project clean up the fire station hideout begins, that sweet ball of energy goes limp. He is suddenly too tired to move another inch. You can imagine what happens next. Tears, sweat, rage, bribery, consequences, threats, tickle fights, laughs and a relay team of boys passing the pillows, blankets and animals up the stairs. Although the bedtime routine has just begun, and I’m digging deep for any glimpse of patience, he manages to make me laugh again and again. He gets tucked in and I know I will see him downstairs in less than five minutes. “Mommy, I need to ask you something. Can I have cereal in the morning?”

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