My Study On Unity: Part One

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. “ (Psalm 133:1).

I’m starting to get really passionate about this thing unity. How can I get better at it? I know I can stop putting my own personal convictions on others. I can humble myself daily before his throne. I can let go of my pride, step down and look at others at eye level and try to understand all of them, not just the part I think I can fix. I can get real about my own struggles and faults. I can share my struggles so His strength can have a real place in my life. I can read what he has to say about it and get it in me until it is flowing out of me.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

This is the part that really gets me. I don’t want to be overpowered. I don’t want to be constantly on the defense. I want to be strong. And that strength I long for is not in solitude, but in mass. I see this especially as a woman.  Our bond as females can be easily broken. And most of the time it is out of our own fear and insecurity. Trust is our center cord and without this foundation our differences cannot be interwoven. They are left hanging on their own to be broken.

I’ve walked into many rooms with a smile and a wall surrounding me. Wondering if I would be standing alone or surrounded by friends.  Having to study my environment quickly to make sure I fit in. Then I see them. The girls I stand with. The ones who know my faults and my insecurities. The girls who look past the little differences and see my heart. The women who wrap arms around me and keep me going in the trials.

The ladies who don’t care if bottle feed or breast feed. The ones who bring me chocolate after a hard day of booty wiping, tears, and dance parties. Those friends who look past personal convictions and make sure my heart is right.

I want to be that kind of friend. I want to unite with my girls to do something greater. I don’t care what age you potty train your kids. Just let me know when you do and I will bring you lots of chocolate at the end of your day (or for my friend who doesn’t like chocolate, yellow cake with lots of icing.)

I want to unite so my own children will know more how to defend love than to defend hate.  I want to unite so we can share stories. Stories of how we did it wrong and had to admit it and fall into mercy. Stories of how we learned to start out in mercy and we finally got it right. Funny stories, sad stories, encouraging stories, real stories.

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