My Friend Vanessa

My friend Vanessa has the greatest love story of all time. And I’m not really talking about her amazing marriage. I’m talking about her life long walk of seeing God, not herself, glorified through her story. We’ve walked through the last 17 years together as friends. Best friends. We’ve walked out every occasion together; joyous, sad and downright angering. I don’t know how many times I’ve told her to pray about it, and she’s told me to snap out of it. Her encouragement to not only me, but anyone she happens to encounter, is not of this world. Her very soul shines right out of her eyes and lifts you instantly to a better place. Her laugh, what do I even say about it? It is the best laugh you will ever hear on this earth, and it’s contagious.

She has taught me what it means to support, lift up, encourage, unite, and love each other as women. She is my example of a woman who empathizes. She is a heavenly example of how to not judge and meet people where they are. She longs for the heart of God. Don’t worry, she has her moments. She takes those moments and grows. Then she walks side by side with someone having the very same moment. She praises her when she makes it through the moment. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could unite as women? We wouldn’t have room for guilt, insecurities and self hate. I’m going to try and follow my friend’s lead. I’m going to stick close to her and hope she rubs off on me.

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