I Want To Stop Judging

I think I’ve grown in this area, but this is a long road I have to finish. You know when you think, “Why can’t you just make the right decision?” When even you, yourself, make wrong decisions all the time. Yeah, it’s the same thing. A lot of times I don’t understand why people don’t think like me. Wow, I must really think a lot of myself. And that is why I want to start catching myself more. I want to turn away from “judge” and towards “love”. I want to see someone do something, in my opinion, is completely heinous, and instead of thinking, “What a crazy messed up lunatic,” think, “God, loves you just as you are.” I know if I could make this radical change, I could probably have more meaningful relationships and be able to serve and help more people. I know I have an answer. But, I can’t effectively share that answer without love. Will it ever go away? No. Can I catch myself, repent and start over? Yes.

Ways I am catching myself…

I was in a Target parking lot one day with my oldest son, Will. I was about to start the car when a woman knocked on my window. My finger betrayed me and I rolled down the window. “I’m not going to do anything to you,” she said. She explained her car was out of gas and she had no money. “Could you please help me?” I had no money, but I did have a child in the back that has been learning to share. He knows, because we tell him, “we have to help other people who don’t have what we do.” I told her I would meet her at the ATM across the street and give her some money. As I gave her the money I tried to encourage her. She thanked me and then walked away. I pulled down the street to turn around and as I drove by her she was steps away from the liquor store. I couldn’t believe it. I was mad. How could she? Then my son said, ”Why didn’t you pray for her?” At that moment I knew, it’s not about the money. It’s not about what she does with the money. One day when she remembers her cries out to God for help, maybe she will remember the money he provided in that very moment. Even if she didn’t choose to do the right thing with the money, she will see that He was there. As I prayed for her in the car, she stopped walking, turned around and headed in the opposite direction. I’m hoping she heard him. “Let anyone who is thirsty, come to me and drink.” John 17:10

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